Travel on the Navimag Ferry

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If you are in the lake district of Chile and want to get to Patagonia or vice-versa one option you have is to travel on the Navimag ferry.

The once-a-week service connects Puerto Montt in the lake district to Puerto Natales in Patagonia. The three-day trip aboard takes you through some amazing Patagonian fjord scenery on the way along with some fantastic marine wildlife.   The service leaves Puerto Montt on a Friday and leaves Puerto Natales on a Tuesday.

A shipwreck on route, travel on the navimag ferry

A shipwreck on route

It is important to note that this is no luxury cruise liner. The ferry has basic accommodation (mostly dorm style bunks in rooms) and you will be sharing the ride with friendly Chilean truck drivers. That being said you will meet a lot of fellow travellers who will be making the journey with you and no doubt new friendships will be formed.

Three meals are served in the canteen a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all very filling on board and despite havingtwo picky kids they gobbled down what was on offer.

The ship has an on-board naturalist who explains what to expect on the voyage in a welcome meeting. The naturalist will also give lectures during the day in Spanish and English which are optional to attend.

The ferry spends a portion of time out in open sea. If you are feeling the effects of sea-sickness there is a doctor on-board who will administer sea-sickness tablets and is on hand for any other medical emergencies.

A pod of orca in open sea, travel on the navimag ferry

A pod of orca in open sea

Read all about our experience of it here. For more information or to make a booking check out the Navimag website here.