Getting Scientific in Glasgow Science Centre

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Almost a year since our trip to the Isle of Mull in Scotland we received a message back in March from a friend living in Glasgow inviting us to a wedding reception.

“I realise it’s a bit of a trek for a night out, but if you could fit it in… that would be great…”.

Well we didn’t need any better excuse to hop on a plane with the kids and take the short flight up to Glasgow.

We landed the day before the reception, stored our bags with the hotel and immediately set off to the Glasgow Science Centre for an afternoon of scientific exploration and fun.

The Glasgow Science Centre is located on the South Bank of the River Clyde.  Our children were engaged by a member of staff immediatly on entrance and she explained what to expect to them both. She gave them a map and timetable of events and we were free to enter the Science Mall.

Split over three floors of the Science Centre, the Science Mall activly encourages children to engage with all the activities. Our two needed no further encouragement. They pushed buttons, pulled levers, got wet and marvelled at all the little experiments that were set out.

The on-site Elements Cafe was reasonably priced and we had lunch there before going to the ‘Flame On’ show where the children learnt all about fire.

We spent an easy five hours at the Science Centre and our children never once complained of being bored. They were actively learning through play and completely engaged.

If you ever find yourselfs lost for something to do in Glasgow then take your children to the Science Centre – you won’t be dissapointed!


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