Negombo Beach – Sri Lanka

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When it comes to beaches in Sri Lanka it is fair to say that Negombo Beach is not the top choice.  However, the location of Negombo to the international airport means that at some point, either at the start or the end of a trip to Sri Lanka, many people will stay at least one night.

The beach at Negombo is a large stretch of sandy beach which, unfortunately, has a lot of litter.   The waves are quite rough and Sri Lankan tides can be very strong so always seek local advice before entering the water.


Street food stalls and an Ice Cream truck are located near to a tiny beach park at the Lewis Place end of the beach.   Watch out for the crows though, they like to harass for food! The park was old and dated and some of the slides were broken so our kids didn’t spend too much time there.

Off the beach along Lewis Place and Porutota Road are a number of restaurants and tourist shops.

Negombo beach and the surrounding area would only take about a day or at a push two days of your time to explore before moving on to more exotic areas of Sri Lanka.

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