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Kandy Royal Botanic Gardens

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We decided to become one of the 1.2 million visitors and take the kids to the Kandy Royal Botanic Gardens in the Peradeniya area which is just outside of Kandy city centre.

As with most attractions in Sri Lanka, the entry cost for foreign tourists is a lot steeper that it is for locals. The cost for adults is LKR1500 (about £7.50) and children aged 5 and above is LKR700 (around £3.75).

Spanning 147 acres the gardens are home to over 4,000 species of plant. Visitors are supplied with a map of the gardens and before long you find yourselves lost amongst the plants.

We knew the chances of spotting monkeys was high and within minutes the kids were squealing with delight as they saw their first troop.

After an hour of walking we made our way to the café at the centre of the gardens for some lunch. The café is quite pricey for Sri Lanka, but is the only option for dining once in the gardens.

Unfortunately, we only saw about half the gardens as our daughter picked up a stick covered in termites and was promptly attacked, causing a meltdown.  Had we continued we would have seen the sleeping fruit bats hanging in the trees, however for us the time was cut short by the termite attack so we exited via the small gift shop and headed back to our hotel via one of the many waiting Tuk Tuks.

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