Our Time in Kandy

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Our arrival to Kandy didn’t go so smoothly, however it didn’t take us too long to find our groove after a good night’s rest in the Days Inn family apartment.   On our first full day we took a Tuk Tuk into town and searched for a place to eat breakfast.   We found Devon Bakery for the kids and that seemed to satisfy them before the adults ate at a coffee shop.  Following this we took a quick look around Kandy City Shopping Centre before finding Kids Zone which entertained the kids for a good 45 minutes.   Next we bought a load of groceries to help see us through the 5 day stay before heading back to the apartment.

Our pool in Kandy

Our pool in Kandy


Since the apartment had a pool we made full use of this over the course of our stay, both in terms of being in it and also as a reward for the kids doing their school work.  The slowing down of the pace really helped us settle into our first week of full time travel.

The following day we headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kandy.   This should have taken up a lot of our day, however our daughter was attacked by termites while out so we headed back early for some more work and pool time.

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic was next on the agenda for the following day.   A short walk around the lake led us to the entrance.   Separate male and female security points are at the entrance to the temple and have been in place since a bomb was detonated there during the civil war.    After the checkpoint it is a short walk to the ticket counter (LKR1000/GBP5 each for adults – kids were free) and next to this is a place to put your shoes.   We had decided to take the kids when it wasn’t worship time and therefore less busy.   However, in the middle of the afternoon the ground was very hot so we had to make a quick dash to a shady area before entering the temple.  The temple is said to house the relic of the tooth of Buddha and is a significant temple for the Sri Lankan Buddhists.   We told the children in advance that it was considered rude to turn your back on a statue of Buddha and they did very well in the temple to follow this rule.

Before entering the temple complex there is an opportunity to purchase flowers for an offering.   We decided not to do this, and instead would observe the ritual from the people attending the temple for worship purposes.   We wandered around the temple and the grounds for a good hour and half before leaving and heading for an ice cream truck to cool off.   Once the ice cream was finished we did some grocery shopping before heading to the Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar to eat dinner while watching the sunset over Kandy Lake.

Our last full day in Kandy before moving on was spent making the most of the swimming pool.   We chilled out a lot and today’s reward for the kid’s work was a trip to the children’s park which is situated at the far end of Kandy Lake.   The park had a lot of things for the kids and was very busy, so our two got to mingle and interact with a lot of the Sri Lankan kids who were letting off steam after school.

Finally, we packed our bags in the evening, ready for the long journey to Trincomalee on Sri Lanka’s east coast in the morning.