Our Budget for Sri Lanka

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We are a family of four. For our four weeks in Sri Lanka, minus the flight to get there, we spent a total of £2,467.36 (£88.12 a day).

It cost us £1279.22 for our one way flights direct with Sri Lankan Airways so total with flights included was £3746.58.   There were certainly cheaper flight options if you were to not go direct but we wanted he ease of the direct flights.

It was our intention to use public transport where we could while in the country, but since our daughter seemed to struggle in the heat on travel days we opted to organise a taxi with a driver while at our guesthouses to get us from place to place.   This bumped up our transportation costs, so there is money to save there if you opted for public transport.   Also for the first week and a half we stayed in accommodation that was above the £45 price limit we had set ourselves for an average night’s stay.   After that we went with cheaper guest houses and were lucky to receive a free night’s stay at Dominic Villa in Galle which meant our average for the 4 weeks was £39.81.

Food costs shown include meals out as well as groceries and includes all drinks. The miscellaneous costs shown include the following:


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