Lazing in Langkawi

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With our backpacks on we set off on the walk towards the ferry terminal.  It was early morning and we were leaving Penang behind and heading to Langkawi.  It was just under 1km to the ferry terminal and the plan was to hail a taxi if we saw one.  That never happened so we ended up walking the distance.  The kids did really well. When we left England they struggled to carry their own backpacks across Liverpool Street Station and yet here they were walking a kilometre without complaint.

Catching the ferry to Langkawi is an easy process and we were soon on board and in our allocated seats.  Having heard the crossing can get quite choppy we decided to all dose up on travel sickness medicine.  While this made us a little drowsier we were glad we did.  Not long after we had set off you could hear others vomiting and see people rushing to the toilets near us.  The staff on the boat were well prepared with black sick bags for people who had not yet thrown up. They went about cleaning up the mess from people who had been sick with a knowing smile.  One thing we noticed was that they rubbed Tiger Balm on the temples of people who were feeling ill… may have to try that one out in future!

After nearly three hours we arrived at Kauh ferry port in Langkawi.  Feeling groggy from the sickness pills we hopped into the first taxi we saw even though we had a feeling it was slightly more expensive (it was, but not by much).  As were driven towards Pantai Cenang we noticed that Langkawi felt a lot more like Sri Lanka. Tropical trees were dotted around and it was not as built up as mainland Malaysia or Penang.  It has a laid back feel to it already.

Half an hour later our driver dropped us at the guesthouse, the White Lodge Chalet.  Unable to check in for another hour we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch.  We checked in to a lovely, spacious room with a little outside area.  The rooms of the guesthouse faced towards and nice central garden area which the kids would enjoy playing in during our stay.

Cenang Beach would prove to be the focal point of our weeks stay in Langkawi.  It was a short walk to the beach from the guesthouse but for five days we were there and jumping waves in the morning and sometimes in the evenings.  Langkawi translates to ‘Eagle Rock’ and as the middle of the day was hot we got out of the sun and used this time to educate the kids.  We had used this method in Mirissa, Sri Lanka and found that the kids responded to it well.  Our other favourite during this time was the Red Tomato restaurant.  It had a nice, laid back vibe to it and was always busy.  On top of this it served gluten free food, meaning Mum could join the rest of us eating pizza!

The majority of our days went this way but on our penultimate day we had decided to have a break from the beach to go up the cable car.  Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and rain bucketed down for most of the day.  The rain stopped but the clouds remained so instead of the cable car we chose to take a taxi to Eagle Square in Kauh.  The square is close to the ferry terminal and has a giant statue of an eagle looking out to sea.  For most people entering the port this is the first thing they see.  It was a nice place to stroll around and relax and that is exactly what we did!

After dinner we took the taxi back to our guesthouse and prepared ourselves for our final day on Langkawi in which we had organised to go on a mangrove tour.  The mangrove tour turned out to be an adventure in itself and you can read all about it here.  Returning from the trip we made one last visit to Red Tomato for our last meal on Langkawi.

The following day we boarded a plane for a short flight back to Penang as we were to fly from there to Thailand.