Ao Nang in Rainy Season

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A short flight on a propeller plane with Firefly Airlines took us from Malaysia to Krabi, Thailand.  After clearing immigration at the small airport we collected our bags, sorted out SIM cards for Thailand and booked a taxi to take us to our accommodation in Ao Nang.  We would be staying in a hostel for the first time on our trip, the iRest Ao Nang.  You wouldn’t know it though as we had a massive triple room with balcony, TV and bathroom!!

September is rainy season in Thailand and we had thought long and hard about what to do.  Initially we were going to work our way up through Thailand and take the slow boat to Laos.  Looking at the weather we didn’t want to be in Laos this early in the year as the chances of mudslides would be high and transport would be disrupted.  We made the decision to give Ao Nang a go for a week, then fly to Chiang Mai for a couple of weeks before heading to Indonesia (where the weather would be better) and then return to Laos when the weather is better.

Ao Nang would be the biggest gamble. The area around the Andaman sea has the highest amount of rainfall with tropical downpours.  So it was that in the week we spend in Ao Nang in early September it rained four of the seven days.  However, it did not rain all day on these days and we were able to still get out and enjoy the beaches.  Humidity and temperatures were high and when the sun did shine it was glorious!!  The rain helped us to slow the pace of our travels down even further and to concentrate on educating the kids a bit more when indoors.

Ao Nang is very much catered for the tourists these days and restaurant prices were higher than other places in Thailand.  We did frequent the street food stalls where we tucked into some fried rice or phad thai for around a pound each.

While there were plenty of boat trips on offer, including to the nearby Railay Beach, we decided to stick to the mainland.  The rain did provide a good opportunity for our daughter to get her hair braided, something that is on offer all over Ao Nang!

So did the gamble pay off for us? We enjoyed our time in Ao Nang in low season but maybe could have stayed somewhere with a pool.  As it was hot the rain wouldn’t have made a difference in a pool, however it made the sea a bit too choppy to swim in.  Rainy season will always be hit and miss, but we made the most of what we were given!

After our week in Ao Nang we were ready to return to one of our favourite cities, Chiang Mai

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