Catmosphere Cat Café, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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While we have been travelling our two cats are having an adventure of their own (see their Facebook Page here).  The kids mention that they miss them from time to time and are always keen to stroke any cat they see.  Catmosphere to the rescue!

With this in mind we decided to pay a visit to Catmosphere Cat Cafe while in Chiang Mai and it was an instant hit.

The cafe is situated along Huaykaew road, towards zoo between the Maya shopping mall and Chiang Mai university and is open from 10am to 8pm every day.

The cost of a Tuk Tuk from the Old Town is between 150 and 200 Baht.  Catmosphere has only been open since 2014 so you may need to explain to the driver where it is, or yell at them like we did as we spot it!! Look out for Dunkin Donuts on the left. Catmosphere is not too far from here, inset from the road where the Mac Cafe is.

On arrival you will need to remove your shoes outside and wear the supplied slippers.  They don’t have kid size slippers which can result in your children looking very odd with their oversized footwear, but it all adds to the fun!  You are required to wash your hands at the sink and with gel before being allowed into the cafe.

Once inside you are reminded that you are in the cat’s domain and if they are sleeping then you must leave them alone.  The best times to visit are in the morning or evening when they are most active.  We went in late morning and while there were some sleepy cats, the majority were active.  There is a basket of cat toys from which you can choose one to play with the cats.


Seating in the cafe is on floor level mats with low tables.  The cafe offers drinks and a snack menu and free Wi-Fi.  On the back of the menu is a chart showing the pictures and names of all 25 ‘catstronaut’ for you to identify each one.  The kids loved using this and each cat is named from a sci-fi or Disney movie (Yoda, Han Solo, Elsa, etc.) which added to made them smile!

Chilled out music played as we relaxed with the cats, our drinks and some snacks for over an hour.  In fact, the time spent at Catmosphere exceeded all our expectations and the kids loved it so much we will be making a return visit before we leave Chiang Mai.  If you are in Chiang Mai and love cats, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to this little gem!


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