Chiang Mai, Our 2nd Week

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Bags were packed after our first week in Chiang Mai and we took a very short taxi ride from our AirBnB apartment outside the Chiang Mai old city moat to our guesthouse for the next week, Manee Guesthouse, inside the old city moat.  The kids were excited to see the swimming pool!  After settling in we took a walk around the area, visiting Wat Ban Ping and Wat Sumpow before having fried rice for lunch at a nice little restaurant.  Having worked up a sweat in the heat we returned to the guesthouse for some pool time!

Since the guesthouse was so close to Wat Lam Chang and Wat Chiang Man we took a short walk exploring these the next morning.  Returning to the pool the kids got upset as they had sore skin. We think that the chlorine levels in the pool caused it so we all came out.  After lunch we negotiated a songthaew to take us to the Tribal Museum.  We learned about the six major Hill Tribes (Karen, Hmong, Yao, Akha, Lisu and Lahu) via the exhibits and a short video.  The songthaew dropped us off at the Maya Mall where Mum was happy to finally find a new bra and the kids were happy to be let loose in a soft play centre!

We had a relaxed day next.  Keeping the kids out of the pool we did some learning with them to earn some DVD time!

The following afternoon we took a Tuk Tuk to Wat Phra Singh.  Our daughter had a front seat with the driver and loved every minute of it!! The afternoon was spend exploring the many Wats around the area: Wat Thung Ya, Wat Si Koet, Wat Chai Phrkiat, Wat Phon Too and Wat Chedi Luang.  After a songthaew back we braved the pool for a bit to cool down.

That evening we went to the Hand Made Pizza restaurant where they assured Mum that they could do gluten free pizza. Bonus for us all and we filled up on pizza. However, not long after Mum began to be very sick and continued throwing up long into the night. The pizza must not have been gluten free, not good for Mum with Celiac Disease.

We had booked to spend the day at the Elephant Nature Park.  Mum was recovering from being sick the night before but decided to brave the trip with the rest of us.  We were picked up from our guesthouse and on the way to the nature park were shown a short film explaining just how an elephant is ‘broken’ while young to perform tricks.  It was an eye opener for the adults so had a huge impact on our kids.

The Elephant Nature Park was set up to rescue elephants who had suffered abuse and to give them a loving environment to thrive in.  Shortly after arriving we each had to opportunity to feed an elephant before being given a walking tour of the park and to touch some of the elephants who were still okay with humans.  Following a buffet lunch, we headed to the river where we all got to wash an elephant.  Next we went to a viewing platform to watch the elephants eat.  After a final walking tour of the park we were driven back to our guesthouse.

A lazy day followed since we were all a little bit jaded from our great day out to the Elephant Nature Park.  In our last day in Chiang Mai we took a songthaew to Wat Umong.  The Wat was built in a forest for a monk who was prone to wandering around.  As such it makes for a nice quiet visit, walking around the grounds.  We had promised the kids one last visit to the Catmosphere Cat Cafe before we left Chiang Mai, so our songthaew driver dropped us off here for lunch.  The kids were not disappointed and loved being with the cats just as much as our first visit!!

With bags packed we said goodbye to Chiang Mai early the next morning and headed back to Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days.

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