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A Short Kuala Lumpur Stopover

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We landed back in Kuala Lumpur from Chiang Mai after being away for six weeks and it was nice to be in familiar surroundings. Immigration wasn’t the nightmare that we had the first time around and before long we had our bags. We took our time and had lunch before catching the KLIA Express train to KL Sentral and knew the shortest route to the condominium (a far cry from our first arrival when we didn’t know where we were going!).
Having booked the same place on AirBnB twice the last time in KL we had booked again for a third time. A short three night stay before flying on to Indonesia. We knew we would be returning before leaving Kuala Lumpur previously, so cheekily stashed some items that we didn’t want to carry but would be okay with if we didn’t see them again. We were looking forward to seeing if they were still in the high cupboard. Unfortunately for us we were in a different apartment this time!! We had traveled just fine without the items so were happy to write them off.
We headed to the condominium restaurant on level 7 for dinner and it was nice to see all the staff welcome us back and make a fuss of the kids after being away for over a month. They were keen to know where we had been and what we had done.
During the night a storm hit Kuala Lumpur and it seemed rather loud! Mum and Dad looked over to the curtain in their room to see it blowing inwards. As Dad pulled the curtain back we realised that the window was wide open. Not great on the 27th floor!! Dad reached out and shut it before returning to bed. Shortly after the curtains blew in again. The window had opened. Realising that the window was broken, and after a good time spent thinking of ways to shut it, we ended up using a combination of a mop and our elastic washing line to keep the window closed as best we could. The following day would be our last in Kuala Lumpur and we had arranged to meet up with another Worldschooling family at their apartment. We had met Barbara and Andrew when we were first in Kuala Lumpur. They had decided to leave their home in the USA and experience the world. Currently they have a long term rental here in KL and are happy to meet up with other likeminded people travelling through.
They have a Son a year younger than ours and an older Daughter who they home-school with great results. Our two enjoyed time with their kids playing Pokémon Go and swimming in the pool. This gave the adults some time to chat over a few drinks.
That evening our bags were packed again. We would be flying to Indonesia, a destination none of us had been to before.