Lazy Days in Hoi An

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Our overnight train from Hanoi pulled into Da Nang a couple of hours late. The driver that our guesthouse had sent to collect us was still patiently waiting for us.  After fourty minutes, we were in Hoi An at the Unity Villa Guesthouse.

The guesthouse was a little bit out from the historic centre of Hoi An but we had a nice, large family room to compensate.  In our way back from dinner that evening we stopped at a little park.  The kids had fun playing with the locals before we returned to the guesthouse.

The next day was all about exploring the historic centre of Hoi An. It is a fantastic place with lanterns hanging from old buildings along small streets.  There are plenty of cafes and shops to visit too.

Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge

Hoi an is also quite famous for its many tailors.  When Dad was here thirteen years ago, the prices were quite cheap for the quality produced.  Excited by the prospect of having some new clothes made Mum and Daughter were measured for three items.  We were then presented with the cost. USD $80.  We were a little taken aback as clearly prices were not as cheap as they once were, a product of increased tourism.  We felt this was a little high and attempted to haggle down lower.  Despite reducing the cost, we still felt that the price was comparable to buying goods at home.  Admittedly this would-be tailor made, but should anything need returning we would be unable to do so.  We left without buying anything, and a little disappointed.

The next day was a bit rainy, but we didn’t let that stop us heading off to An Bang beach!! The rain was only light and we enjoyed playing in the sand while watching the waves crash in.  Conditions meant that there was no swimming allowed. We were fine with just chilling out though so didn’t care.  We even managed to work in some maths and spelling in the sand before returning to the guesthouse late in the afternoon.

An Bang Beach, Hoi An

An Bang Beach, Hoi An

Over the next few days we combined chilling out at the guesthouse with strolls into the historic centre of Hoi An.  The kids could use this time to keep up with their learning.  The week passed lazily by and before long we were checking out of the guesthouse and making our way to Da Nang airport for the short flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia.




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