Penang to Langkawi by Ferry

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After our stay in Georgetown we headed to Langkawi on the ferry. Getting from Penang to Langkawi by ferry is quite a simple process:

What time does the ferry go?

There are two crossings from Penang to Langkawi. One at 8:30am and another at 2:30pm.

Where do you get tickets?

If your guesthouse or hotel can’t do this for you then there are a number of places by the Queen Victoria Clock Tower where you can purchase tickets.

Where does the ferry leave from?

The ferry leaves from the terminal just by the Queen Victoria Clock Tower.

What is the process to board?

Boarding begins 45mins before departure. On entry to the terminal you hand your tickets over to someone at a counter. They will then assign you seat numbers and give you a boarding card.  From here you make your way through the terminal to the boat. The way is easy to follow. You hand your boarding cards over and enter the boat.  You can store your bags before finding your seat.

How long does the crossing take?

Anything from 2 hours 45mins (good weather) up to over 3 hours (bad weather)

What is the crossing like?

We won’t lie, it is not the smoothest. We knew this before boarding and took travel sickness medicine so we were fine.  The weather wasn’t too bad for us yet people were being sick. The staff do their best to provide sick bags and clean up with a smile on their faces.

What to expect on arrival?

After getting your bags and exiting the boat you enter the Langkawi Ferry Terminal.  There are some duty free shops and a food court there.  Following the signs for a taxi takes you out of the terminal.  Straight across the road is the taxi stand with set prices to areas around the island.  Some other drivers will ask you inside the terminal.  You can always ask the price and compare to the taxi stand. Chances are they will be more expensive!